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We empower industries tackling the challenges of Climate Change and Energy Transition with actionable data and insightful solutions through our advanced Software Suite. Rooted in our extensive expertise in data science and modeling, our applications are cultivated from years of invaluable insights gained while collaborating with utilities and robust infrastructure enterprises.

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The InfraShield Labs Product Suite has been designed to help asset intensive companies embrace data-driven, predictive analytic software focused on tackling the most pressing industry issues and threats, such as climate change, wildfires, EV and DER adoption, strategic and risk-based investment and capacity planning, and the broader Energy Transition.

Our software applications deliver advanced statistical modeling of big data, leveraging both AI and Machine Learning techniques, while still offering user friendly interfaces and easy access to critical insights for employees at all levels within the organization. We help strengthen situational awareness, enable real time asset management, improve reliability, safety, quality, productivity, & response time, and, ultimately, lower costs.

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