Global Utilities and Beyond

InfraShield Labs, via partnership with UMS Group, is built upon more than 30 years of delivering products and services to the energy and utilities industry. Among our customers are power generation companies, transmission and distribution gas and electricity suppliers, water/waste-water companies, public transport companies including rail and airports, and service providers surrounding the utility space. This global footprint of foundational experience, serving more than 400 clients on 6 continents, provides powerful market insights that go into our products and a wealth of implementation and change management expertise.


Of course, the Energy Transition is bringing sea change to the industry, providing myriad generation challenges and opportunities. We support conventional as well as renewable generation owners.


Decarbonization, DERs, and a shift to large-scale wind and solar generation are just a few changes that the industry faces in this Energy Transition era. We support organizations in the inevitable transformation to the Utility of the Future: defining and supporting strategies with data and advanced modeling while considering reliability and practical implementation approaches.

Electric Transmission & Distribution

Electric Transmission and Distribution companies face many challenges, including integration of renewables, new/enhanced power and information flows, aging assets and performing efficient monitoring and inspections, security and resiliency, and planning for evolving load requirements (EVs, DERs, etc.). We support many aspects of strategic and operational improvement with our products.


Issues around aging infrastructure, leaks, conservation and efficiency, long-term supply, resiliency, and emergency preparedness are often high on the current agendas of Water utilities. We provide Water and Wastewater utilities with world-class data analytics and products to support efficient operations and a safe, resilient water supply.

Gas Distribution, Transmission & Storage

Gas utilities are facing numerous challenges and increased regulatory scrutiny around aging infrastructure, workforce attrition, increasing environmental challenges, pipeline safety, volatile prices, quality and interchangeability issues, and implementing new technologies. We support organizations across gas storage and midstream and downstream services.


In addition to restoring customer demand and financial health after the massive impacts of the pandemic, the transportation industry (i.e. rail, airports, metro) must also work to address challenges such as ensuring safety and health, increased data and digitalization, optimizing lifecycle costs and investments, and reducing carbon footprint. We offer rail and metro infrastructure managers, train operators (heavy and light rail), and airports a range of products customized to meet their needs.

Utility Service Providers

We also work with industry service providers for the utility space, such as construction firms, equipment manufacturers, and drone companies. We are often in a unique position to provide leading industry insights, data, and contacts to liaise between our utility client network and these cutting-edge technology providers.

Oil and Gas

Across up and downstream, the oil and gas industry is now presented with tremendous opportunities to support, steer, and sustain the energy transition. From remonetizing old well sites as micro-solar or wind farms to leading the way on early hydrogen developments, oil and gas companies have a critical role to play in the future energy mix. InfraShield Labs helps these companies identify and support leading transition strategies via modeling and analytics to enrich and strengthen their portfolios and assists in helping to understand how to best manage each of the new asset classes associated with emerging energy technologies.


Consuming over 1/3 of the average mine’s cost, energy generation and its attending costs and consequences have become a key focal point for miners and their shareholders. Capturing the opportunity to implement cleaner, less expensive, and more sustainable sources of energy at the mine site is going to require a brand new set of skills, experience, and strategies. InfraShield Labs leverages its capabilities in modeling and technologies to help identify the right energy mix and how to productively and safely harness it to realize and reinforce the gains to the triple bottom line.

Embark on Solutions That Transform