System Resiliency and Storm Hardening Effectiveness

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Skillfully predict weather-related outages and outage type
More extreme and frequent weather events are causing a sharp increase in power outages, posing growing challenges for utilities. As the demand for uninterrupted power increases, utilities are pressured to restore the service as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction, improve SAIDI and SAFI, and reduce costs.

Outage Prediction makes it easier for utilities to predict outages and infrastructure damage by using the most effective weather forecasts, geospatially precise vegetation insights and AI to make more informed decisions, optimize restoration efforts, and minimize disruption.

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    The dashboard brings together the most important data to drive your preparation and mobilization decisions. Through color-coded maps and visual graphics you can quickly understand which areas may be impacted by outages and the severity in terms of number of outages and key weather parameters.

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    Quickly identify risk areas

    Drill down into each region to understand how many outages are expected, timeframe for occurrence, what weather is driving them and spot areas that are most at risk. Threshold lines on the hourly weather forecast graphs makes it easier to gauge the timing of the forecasted outages.

    Track and monitor weather conditions

    Access a rich, interactive mapping experience to monitor the observed and forecasted weather through different layers such as radar, wind, temperature, snowfall, ice and hurricane tracks. It also helps you understand the weather’s impact on your territory.



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