Program Management

The New Frontier of Program Management: Let Us Help You Lead the Way

Why Program Management? Utilities are under growing cost and staff reduction pressures, and yet the need for large-scale change initiatives is expanding. External assistance/program management for large-scale projects such as AMI and Energy Efficiency programs has been common for years now.

New areas such as the following are emerging with similar support needs:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Aerial Inspection and Risk Management
  • Grid Mod
  • System Resilience/Storm Hardening

Key Benefits of UMS Group Support

  • We identify best practices models for each area from our global learning consortia, including leading process designs, org structures, staffing and skills needs, budget requirements, and business cases to justify program investments.
  • We provide highly skilled program management talent to supplement your resources, and bring to your team the delivery models, data, tools, and analytics, and insights into industry best practices and technology solutions available.

Key Benefits of UMS Group Support

  • Our proprietary digital solutions/models can run critical analyses for timely and effective decision making. For example, for EV Penetration Readiness, we bring powerful diagnostic models to determine when specific feeders and substations will be overloaded. We can then identify new capacity requirements (new feeders, substation expansions/upgrades), timing for land purchases, support in designing regulatory communications/presentations, etc.
  • External project management time can be capitalized as a component of the project.

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