Wildfire Risk Mitigation

An Ever-Growing Threat

Driven by climate change, wildfire-related risks continue to rise for utilities around the world. Our subject matter experts and industry partners work with utilities with historical or emerging exposure to wildfires to better understand their risks and to develop both strategic and tactical plans for addressing these challenges.


IWRMC in a nutshell: Acquaint yourself with IWRMC with this short (< 2 minute) introductory video.


Current Challenges

Organizational Design for Wildfire Mitigation
  • How do we design and right-size our wildfire program?
  • What skill sets are needed to support an effective wildfire risk mitigation program?
  • Do we have the required capabilities in-house?
Vegetation Management
  • How do we manage both grow-in and fall-in vegetation risks?
  • How do we determine if our vegetation clearances are sufficient to reduce our wildfire risk?
  • How do we develop a danger/hazard tree program?
Wildfire Risk Management Strategy
  • What should our wildfire risk mitigation plan look like?
  • What performance measures should we use to track the effectiveness of our wildfire program?
  • How do we balance work related to wildfire mitigations against normal operations and maintenance activities?
  • Where can we get the ‘most bang for our buck’ in terms of risk reductions?
  • How do we model risk exposure in terms of both ignition probabilities and fire consequences?
Technology & Innovations

What new and emerging technologies are utilities utilizing to:

  • Understand and quantify risks
  • Mitigation specific wildfire risks
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Communicate with stakeholders
Stakeholder Management
  • How do we demonstrate to our regulator and customers that we are being proactive about mitigating wildfire risks?
  • What techniques can we use to improve communication between internal and external stakeholders?
  • How do we adapt our safety culture approach to include wildfire-related safety?
Asset Management
  • Where are our wildfire risks on the system?
  • How do we prioritize asset replacements to reduce our wildfire risk exposure?
  • How do we adjust our inspection and maintenance cycles to mitigate wildfire risks?
Operations & Protocols
  • What should our protection schemes look like to mitigate wildfire risks?
  • What thresholds should we use to trigger the use of alternate protection schemes on high fire threat days?
  • What should our fire emergency management plan look like?

How to Get Started

As a starting point, our subject matter experts will discuss with you the major challenges that you face related to wildfires and suggest the highest leverage points available to you to efficiently and effectively address each of them. Our insights will always be tailored to your actual risk exposure and operating context. The recommendations we make are informed by over three decades of experience and the real experiences of our extensive global network of utility clients. Additionally, our Wildfire Risk Mitigation Consortium (IWRMC) forms the backbone of our extensive wildfire knowledge base while providing access to global utilities facing similar challenges.

Looking to expand your network? Explore our International Wildfire Risk Mitigation Consortium (IWRMC)

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