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InfraShield Labs develops software solutions and tools to help solve our clients’ most critical challenges, complementing our consulting services. Our broad industry experience and expertise, combined with in-house developers and data scientists, results in effective solutions that meet real industry needs. These digital solutions are designed to be “right-sized” for you – configured to meet your current needs and budget, and then grow with your process and data availability over time. We also continually evolve our offerings based on market feedback and observations from our product and consulting staff.

Whether optimizing asset lifecycle strategies, planning an optimal investment portfolio to maximize strategic value and minimize risk, predicting timing and location of weather based outages, planning for non-linear and non-uniform growth of electric vehicle demand, or planning and proving prudent and effective system resiliency (to name a few!), we’ve got you covered for the latest industry challenges and the next big thing.


Utilities are confronted by the complex process of managing risk and planning mitigating investments subject to financial, resource, and regulatory constraints. They need solutions to assist with this process. Spend Optimization Suite (SOS) delivers the help they need. It supports the Strategic Asset Management Planning process to deliver an optimized portfolio of capital and O&M spending plans.


DRˣ integrates outage event information, circuit / segment / asset data, and cost and work data from your enterprise systems with InfraShield Labs proprietary databases and machine learning statistical models. It delivers deep analyses for insights across any combination of time, organizations, geographies, assets, weather, and new load profiles


Operational Performance Analytics (OPˣ) is a powerful analytic workforce and asset performance management tool. OPˣ gives utilities the ability to uncover productivity and efficiency improvements driving unneeded costs out of their organizations. OPˣ identifies best practice areas enabling knowledge sharing across the organization. It provides focus on potential ‘bad actor assets’ that consume a disproportionately large share of operations and maintenance resources. These assets become candidates for replacement or refurbishment.


TRˣ solution enables transmission executives, managers, and reliability engineers to manage and report on the key metrics mandated by regulators, providing decision support analytics with deep insight into over 70 industry-recognized transmission system metrics.


AERO (Asset Economic Risk Optimization) helps companies optimize their asset replacement plans by applying a risk-based approach to generate optimal multi-year replacement plans.


In today’s technology era, data assets are considered to be some of the most valuable in helping companies to improve decision making, better serve customers, reduce costs, and ultimately, increase revenue and profits. Does your company actively manage, enrich, and analyze its data and treat it like a precious asset?

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