DRˣ: Distribution Reliability Excellence

DRˣ for Enhanced Customer Experience

The Data You Need to Make an Impact

Common Challenges

  • Valuable reliability data resources are inaccessible and siloed
  • Reliability data can be utilized for so much more than reporting and compliance from a Customer Experience perspective
  • Customer perception differs from fact (actual reliability)
  • Customers are unaware of company initiatives and work to improve their reliability
  • Lack of customer touchpoints

How DRˣ Can Help

Our solution helps executives, managers, and reliability engineers to manage key metrics and essential data. The Customer Experience Module leverages the data typically owned by other groups to drive enhanced customer experience. Give CSR’s customer-level data at their fingertips and provide individual customer report cards, driving enriched communications, transparency, touchpoints and dialogue. DRˣ provides your Customer Service organization full access to customer-level reliability data; specifically, the Customer Experience Module and customer report cards:

  • Provide CSR’s timely data showing individual customer reliability experience
  • Enable separation of fact from customer perception
  • Communicate to customers system and green initiatives, as well as planned work that will strengthen their part of the system and improve their reliability
  • Demonstrate to the customer that the company is committed, competent, and caring regarding their safety and quality of service

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