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DRˣ for System Resiliency and Storm Hardening Effectiveness

System Resiliency and Storm Hardening Effectiveness

Common Challenges

  • Companies often aren’t sure what metrics to use to measure resiliency and storm hardening effectiveness
  • Even with existing data sources, many companies struggle to determine how to use their internal data, ideally combined with external benchmarks, to calculate, model, and compare resiliency in a robust, defensible manner
  • Leading companies are looking for support from third-party experts and/or other utilities in helping them to justify current performance and hardening spending levels, via data-driven resiliency reports and plans, given the changing regulatory expectations

How DRˣ Can Help

Our solution helps executives, managers, and reliability engineers to manage key metrics and essential data. The System Resiliency & Storm Hardening Effectiveness Modules utilize the latest modeling techniques along with detailed historical outage and weather data to determine where to invest for a resilient, storm-hardened system as well as prove that historical investments were prudent, effective, and added company and customer value.

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