DRˣ: Distribution Reliability Excellence

DRˣ for Weather Vulnerability

Network Weather Vulnerability and Emergency Response

Common Challenges

  • Utilities have been trying for years to harness weather and reliability data to predict outages and damage levels for storm preparation. Results using average weather data and simple outage statistics, even at the circuit level, are inadequate for the level of accuracy needed for solid predictions and improved response times
  • Most companies plan conservatively, incurring higher costs, and then react post-storm to identified damage sites, rather than mobilizing crews and materials to the right locations pre-storm

How DRˣ Can Help

Our solution helps executives, managers, and reliability engineers to manage key metrics and essential data. The Emergency Response Module utilizes the latest modeling techniques along with detailed historical and real-time outage and weather data to predict outage locations and severity, allowing companies to mobilize crews and materials to safe locations ahead of the storm, saving time and money and reducing restoration times (CAIDI).

Contact us at info@infrashieldlabs.com for more details and to schedule a web demo.  We look forward to speaking with you and sharing how we have helped other utilities predict outage damage locations/sites from incoming weather and positioning crews ahead of time in safe locations, drastically reducing restoration time. 

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