OPˣ: Operational Performance Excellence


Operational Performance Excellence (OPˣ) is a powerful analytic workforce and asset performance management application. OPˣ gives utilities the ability to uncover productivity and efficiency improvement opportunities, driving unneeded costs out of their organizations. It enables management to measure, manage and improve staff productivity, and provide a common operational view across the organization, while providing timely, consistent, and transparent access to critical decision-making and planning information. Our lightweight, low cost and highly configurable Product Accelerator Solutions deliver operational and predictive analytics of big data, focusing on SPEED, ACCESS, INSIGHT, & SAVINGS.

The OPˣ Value Proposition

  • Identify opportunities for performance and productivity improvement – field force and key assets
  • Measurable reductions in O&M spending from performance improvements
  • Big ROI justifies investment
  • Timely, consistent, transparent access to critical decision-making and planning information

Expedite Reporting & Decision Making

  • Reduce time extracting data, analyzing it, and producing reports – stay a step ahead rather than behind
  • Focus on key data to drive positive change; eliminate wasted time reviewing “indigestible, data overloaded” reports that provide little to no value
  • Answer questions in minutes instead of hours, rapidly driving positive change

Automate Reporting & Alerts

  • Automatically disseminate important/relevant information sooner and more frequently
  • Easily create and schedule custom weekly, monthly, and annual automated reporting
  • Eliminate risk of manual errors in reports
  • Enable reassignment of analysts to performance analysis/interpretation tasks
  • Alert relevant audiences via email when certain thresholds have been breached or conditions met for faster response times and compliance risk mitigation

Leverage Discreet Data Through Integration

  • Integrate data contained within separate and disparate systems into a single repository for cost, productivity, schedule, and performance analyses. Create a “one-stop data shop”
  • Create and export new data (i.e. risk factors, schedule adherence, predictive outcomes, priorities, etc.) for use in other systems

Increase & Democratize Access to Information

  • Easily and quickly drill down into results to discover issues, patterns, trends, and opportunities
  • Democratize the data for users across various organizational levels
  • Improve scheduling and estimating with more accurate information and access to historical trends

Improve Data Quality & Awareness

  • Measure and report on data quality, reinforcing the necessity for accurate data collection and record-keeping within the company
  • Drive a “virtuous cycle,” measurement leading to focus and to data accuracy, and therefore better measurement and sustainable data quality
  • Predict work backlog, employing more accurate estimates
  • Quickly ascertain and correct data issues through a robust validation process

Set Tighter Targets

  • Set more granular targets by isolating cost and performance by asset age, manufacturer, voltage, location, etc.
  • Avoid “one size fits all” overtime targets with the ability to see specific workload and ratios of staffing levels to assets or other factors
  • Define local staffing levels and O&M budgets in a more fact-based way using historical data; monitor and adjust throughout the year

Improve Performance

  • Facilitate “deep-dive” analyses, thus streamlining and reducing the time from problem identification to well-targeted interventions
  • Empower teams by helping supervisors and managers develop a proactive stance with respect to owning performance in their areas
  • Reduce compliance risk via predictive analytics for completion vs. due dates

Reduce Costs

  • Understand what is costing you the most money and why. This will allow you to isolate costly assets and determine whether to repair or replace
  • Transfer spend from O&M to Capital by rapidly identifying poor-performing assets
  • Reduce labor costs and improve workforce productivity by finding and leveraging best practices by work category across the organization
  • Reduce labor costs by increasing transparency on overtime and non-productive time
  • Justify the initial expenditure to implement OPˣ with improvements in field productivity – payback is typically 3-6 months

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OPˣ: Designed to Meet Your Needs

Deployment Approach

Installing OPˣ is quick and easy. Our proven methodology enables you to deploy OPˣ in a few manageable steps over a 2-3 month period.

Client Feedback

“There is a ‘treasure trove’ of data deep within these systems. OPˣ allows us to see and act upon items we could never see before.”

“Wow! I spent six hours last week solving a problem that just took three minutes with OPˣ.”

“OPˣ enabled us to quantify the impact of late schedule changes and identify the causes behind excessive overtime.”

Client Feedback

“This is the first time I can really see and analyze our ‘non-productive labor category’. We will reduce it by 10%, saving about 3,000 hours (1.5 FTE) using OPˣ to manage the results.”

“With OPˣ, we identified several breakers where we were spending $60,000 per year on corrective maintenance on assets that could be replaced for $45,000.”

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