Experience of a 17-Year User

A public electric & gas utility in the Northeast US serving over 2 million customers.


True Utility-Wide Optimization

A Midwest US electric & gas utility serving over 850,000 customers.


Communicating Results to the Asset Owner

A Dutch Electric and Gas DSO serving over 2.5 million customers.


Unit Costing Approach and Change Management Focus

A Dutch Electric and Gas Distribution System Operator serving over 5 million customers.


Balancing Aging Infrastructure and Strategic Directives

A US west coast municipal utility serving over 1.5 million customers.


Detailed Reliability Scoring

A US eastern IOU serving over 2.5 million customers.


Linking Prioritized Risk Register “Needs” to Investment Solutions

An Electric and Gas grid operator in the Netherlands, serving over 3.5 million customers.

Asia Pacific

Providing Reliable Water Service Amidst Aging Infrastructure & Climate Challenges

An Australian water company supplying water, wastewater, recycled water and some stormwater services to more than five million people.


Managing Capital Spend to Target

A southern US Distribution & Transmission utility serving over 10 million customers.


Accelerated Implementation

A US northern municipal utility serving over 100,000 customers.


A Different Approach to Multi-Year Optimization

A Dutch Electric Transmission system operator managing over 290 kilometers of high-voltage lines and cables and approximately 250 substations in the Netherlands.

Embark on Solutions That Transform