TRˣ: Transmission Reliability Excellence

Analytic Insight at the Speed of Thought

InfraShield Labs’ TRˣ solution enables transmission executives, managers, and reliability engineers to manage and report on the key metrics mandated by regulators, providing decision support analytics with deep insight into over 70 industry-recognized transmission system metrics. TRˣ delivers “analytic insight at the speed of thought,” helping utilities to manage and target investments in programs that achieve optimum reliability objectives.

TRˣ is a modular application that seamlessly integrates data from previously siloed application databases (OMS, GIS, WMS, CYME, SAP, etc.) with various external data sources (e.g., weather, climate, environment, wildfire, municipal, political boundaries, etc.) and applies predictive analytics and optimization algorithms to identify opportunities for improved results in operations, investments, and prioritization of work/initiatives.


TRˣ in a nutshell: Acquaint yourself with TRˣ with this short (2 minute) introductory video.


TRˣ – Taking You to the Next Level of Data-Driven Insights

The entire TRˣ platform is a highly flexible/configurable operational analytics tool suite built around pre-structured analytics based on industry best practices and benchmarks.

Reliability optimization functionality combined with AI and ML support predictive analytics in:

  • Risk-based allocation of funding for Inspections and other PM work
  • Cycle Inspection Planning & Performance
  • Weather Vulnerability
  • Outage Forecasting
  • Optimum budget allocation across reliability improvement programs
  • Performance Gap Identification

TRˣ Highlight: Transmission System Inspections

Use risk-based methodologies in combination with traditional inspection requirement cycles to organize, optimize, track and document when each circuit, structure, and/or span is inspected and by inspection type (i.e., walking, climbing, and aerial – including: high-def imagery, LIDAR, Infrared, Corona, etc.)

  • Link to image library so that senior executives or asset managers can review inspection photos associated with specific assets or high priority work orders.
  • Log identification and classification/prioritization of defects discovered.
  • Track/report on schedule adherence and compliance of circuit inspections completed, defects discovered and repaired, and risks mitigated.

How TRˣ Can Help You Better Understand Your Data

Benefits of TRˣ

In addition to all the benefits highlighted for our DRˣ application, the following are TRˣ-specific benefits

Practical Applications of TRˣ

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