Glidepath for Coal Consortium

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A Utility of the Future Global Learning Consortium

The many changes in the energy sector are forcing generation companies to review their generation mix and ways of working. Safety is a key element that will drive the future of your company. Most apparent and addressed in the many global climate reports is short term safety for our environmental future. Long-term safety for the close-proximity community and your workforce are equally important to set out a roadmap for your company.

    By scrutinizing your approach from a safety point of view, you will automatically gain a better insight into other aspects within your business such:

    • Optimizing profits
    • End of life risk-based asset management
    • Stakeholder engagement by lowering carbon footprint

    Find out how you can focus on employee morale & engagement to avoid ‘total loss’ events; and “finish strong” while working on capacity planning in order to balance costs, security of supply and CO2 in your portfolio.

    But how do you guarantee getting the best out of your coal assets in their already borrowed time and secure a strong end-of-life strategy? Do you want to be a “driving force” or just “minimize the impact on Opex & staff”? What impact will your strategy have on topics like staff engagement, safety levels and security of supply, and what KPI’s do you use to manage these coal units through their end of life?

    Coal Glidepath GLC can help you in getting clear insight on how you are positioned against your peers and will enable you to decide how to proceed with your business and become the best in class and learn from industry leaders, all at the same time.

    The Coal Glidepath GLC provides a peer learning platform where sharing best practices support companies in an efficient transition to the Low Carbon World.

    This Global Learning Consortium will impanel working groups on topics such as safety, strategic planning, risk management, optimized operations, workforce engagement, and community relations.

    Each of these working groups will leverage various tactics and strategies, for building and understanding to safely optimize your coal glidepath. Development of a glide path to shut down will be a critical tool in managing targets, actions, and direction annually.

    Coal Glidepath is one of UMS’ Global Learning Consortia. Our GLC approach, honed over 30 years, is ideally suited to accelerate learning, innovation and technology through tools and a tailored platform for benchmarking, exchange of best practices and the latest tools.

    UMS Group has helped numerous companies with this process and are experts in this field. Through a series of questionnaires, we will collect the necessary information needed for a proper assessment of your situation. The data indicates where there is room for improvement and where you are “best practice”, which allows you to set your management agenda and develop your roadmap.

    Participation in the program will give you insight on how to deal with the Energy Transition.

    What Our Participants Say

    “I found the study to be very good. It has generated considerable discussion. Our approach could be very difficult when (not if) public sentiment turns away from $ to disastrous environmental outcomes.”


    The anticipated start date is November 2021. After data collection the participation program can launch in January 2022. During the entire program UMS Group will be providing you guidance and support as an independent Subject matter Expert. 

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