Frequently Asked Questions


What utilities are involved in the program?

While there is some variation in members from year-to-year, there are typically approximately 25 utilities who participate. The Steering Group members are Southern California Edison, AES, PSE&G, BGE, and Evergy.

How much does it cost?

Membership in the program costs vary and there are a number of options depending on the specific activities that you want to participate in. Please contact Kate Tancke at to get additional information on pricing.

What is included in the Standard Program?

The Standard Program includes your membership fee, 1 day of on-site interviews to gather practice information around the program topics, attendance at the Substation Best Practices Consortium for 3 people, participation in the 3 detailed studies, and a ½ day on-site best practices/study results workshop at your office location.

How many members can attend the consortium from my utility?

For standard program participation at the an in-person consortium, attendance at the Substation Best Practices Consortium for 3 staff.  If future consortiums are held virtually, additional members from the utility will be allowed to attend.

What are the topics for this year‘s consortium and study?

Topics are dynamic and change from year to year based on input from the Steering Committee and members. They include topics around substation best practices, leading industry benchmarks, and cost-sharing information on collaborative projects.

How does this program differ from other industry programs (i.e., NATF, EPRI, etc.)?

The other industry programs which address substations tend to be more technical in nature and the participants are generally engineers. The Substation Best Practice Collaborative is focused on solving business problems using people, process, and technology and the participants tend to be directors and senior managers.

Who attends the consortium?

The individuals that attend are usually at the director level. However, we have gotten a variety of individuals that attend from supervisors to senior engineers, to senior program managers, etc.

Do I have to fill out a survey?

No, no surveys! We are collecting information on practices during the onsite visit.

When and where are the consortiums?

Consortiums are typically held at one of the Steering Committee host sites during the fall. Due to the pandemic consortium locations may change to virtual. More information to come.

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